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1. Terms of use

By accessing the website www.antoniomarras.com users will use products and services, hereinafter commonly referred to as "Services".
Access to the site www.antoniomarras.com and Services are governed by the terms, conditions, and notices collectively called "Terms of Service". In order to use the Services and access the website www.antoniomarras.com users agree to all the Terms of Service below: they can be updated without notice. We invite you to read this page regularly to take notice of any changes to the Terms of Service.
It will be our pleasure to make it easy and intuitive your navigation, keep the site up to date in content and services, and above all make it easier to enter.
We reserve the right to discontinue or change the Services without prior notice, for example in the event that access to this website is not available for a specific period: the navigation on our site is permitted on a temporary basis and is not guaranteed.
From time to time we may restrict access to the entire website or some sections of it.
Access to the site and related services are intended solely for personal use
We invite you to read the section "4. Intellectual Property Rights, Copyright & Trademark” in the Terms & Conditions and the section "1. Preamble” in the Sales Conditions, where it is explained that the company "Sugo Snc di Federico Sacchi and Cristian Antolini” is the owner of the site www.antoniomarras.com and acts in the name and on behalf of “Antonio Marras Srl” also concerning to monetary transactions generated by the purchase of the goods or their return.

2. Protection of personal data

You can refer to our privacy policy in the "Privacy Policy" section: in it we describe the ways in which we use your personal information. Browsing and using this website you agree to the processing of your data described herein and warrant that you have provided them and they are correct.

3. Interdictions

Browsing, accessing and using this site www.antoniomarras.com also interdictions are accepted.
You may not: commit or encourage a criminal offense, violate and groped to alter any aspect of the Services; alter the data and contents; cause disturbance to other users or to send unsolicited material, commonly called "spam"; transmit and / or spread viruses, trojans, worms, logic bombs or publish any material that is harmful in terms of technology, in breach of confidentiality and privacy, or is in any way offensive or obscene; violate the proprietary rights of any subject; groped in any way to influence the activities of this website or access to computing facilities that maintain and compromise the exercise. Violation of this rule may constitute an offense under the Italian law. www.antoniomarras.com, through the companies "Sugo Snc" and "Antonio Marras Srl", denounce such violations to the competent authorities and disclose your identity to them.

4. Intellectual Property Rights, Copyright & Trademark

The website www.antoniomarras.com and all of its contents are property of "Sugo Snc" that is the owner of the rights of reserved documents, images, characters, design, music, software, codes and format scripts: they are protected worldwide by laws and treaties on copyright. To store, print and display the content supplied is permitted solely for your personal use. Any publication, distribution, reproduction, alteration or redistribution in any form for any business purpose is strictly prohibited.
"Antonio Marras Srl" is the owner and guarantor of the goods sold until your purchase.
"Sugo Snc" and "Antonio Marras Srl" prohibits the use of content or trademarks on this site www.antoniomarras.com for any other purpose or aim other than those mentioned above for personal use.

5. Account creation and access to the Community

To become part of the www.antoniomarras.com Community or to make purchases our navigators, any future users, must create an account by registering using the following steps:

Click on the link "Login" that appears in the menu bar at the top right of any page.
Click on the link “Create an Account”
Enter the required fields "Name", "Last Name", "Email Address" and "Password": check that password chosen is correct by completing the field "Confirm password" necessary for cross-checking the two boxes.
Then, clicking on "Submit" at the bottom right, you will be registered by completing the process of creating your account
The system will automatically send a first email to the address specified by the user during the registration phase: on this message we will indicate the selected data for future access (Email and Password). Please save this information in a safe place.
When the creation process will be finished succesfully you can make the first purchases. Since that time you can also access to your reserved area called "My Account". In this area will be offered information services of various kinds in the form of links to the menu, such as

Track orders
To view orders and purchases history
View and change your contact and shipping information.
Edit your login information
Ask for goods return
View and change the preferences of applications inside the site
As indicated in the "Sales contract" paragraph inside the “Sale Conditions” you can also finalize purchases without registering to our community of www.antoniomarras.com: by adopting this method you will not receive the above information services described reserved for those who create an account.
However we willl do our best to send the necessary billing information and research your purchases.
We remind our users that entering any area of www.antoniomarras.com on a public computer (eg public library, lecture halls, etc..) they must perform the log-out procedure carefully when they close the session of use: without doing correctly the log-out other users of the same computer will be able to access to your account just used. In addition, if access is made from a mobile device (eg a mobile phone or tablet) through a web browser or an application, you could stay connected on that device to our website depending on the settings: we suggest and recommend that you protect mobile devices with a password, and if it is lost or stolen, you use the remote wipe options (if available) to delete all personal information on the device; finally please change the password for www.antoniomarras.com if you are unsure of your personal informations security.
We reserve the right to ask users who do not accept or do not intend to comply with the terms stated herein, to refrain from using the website www.antoniomarras.com and block / delete the user account.

6. Ownership of trademarks, images and copyrights of third parties

The trademarks and images of third parties products and all persons (including their names and images) are in no way associated, linked or affiliated with www.antoniomarras.com. All trademarks / names on this website belong to their respective owners. The trademarks and names are used within www.antoniomarras.com just to differentiate, describe and promote the products for sale on www.antoniomarras.com.
Items for sale on our website are generally characterized by a famous brand and known to the public. Any use of these brands not in accordance with the law or not authorized by us involves serious legal consequences. It is expressly forbidden to use these brands to take unfair advantage of the reputation of the same or to cause damage to them and their respective owners.

7. Links to this website

If you are interested to activate links to our website and singular pages inside of it, or deep hypertext links such as deep frames or deep links, please contact us at "info@nonostantemarras.it": the request and possible approval are necessary to activate the hyperlink. The use of meta-tags without our consent is forbidden. Activation, if granted, is free of charge and non-exclusive.
"Antonio Marras Srl" and "Sugo Snc" have the right to refuse and reject direct links to our website if connectiong to www.antoniomarras.com could harm the reputation of that site or its administrators. The link must not suggest any form of association, endorsement or support from us in the event that does not exist. Who creates the link from a website it must always be the owner of it.

8. Links to other websites

www.antoniomarras.com may contain hyperlinks (the "links") to other sites that have no connection with it and the companies "Antonio Marras Srl" and "Sugo Snc". Such web sites are not monitored by the above companies, so "Antonio Marras Srl" and "Sugo Snc" can not be held responsible for the content of these sites and methods adopted by them, in respect of the processing of your personal data while browsing inside. The activation of links should not be interpreted as a recommendation or suggestion for the user to navigate on linked sites, nor any guarantee as to their content, services or goods provided by them and sold to Internet users.

9. Notice about the content and accessibility

“Antonio Marras Srl” and “Sugo Snc” apply all efforts to avoid that they are published on the website www.antoniomarras.com content, images, videos, sounds and graphics that may in any way be deemed offensive to the dignity of persons, freedom of expression, sexual and religious conditions, civil and human rights.
"Antonio Marras Srl" and "Sugo Snc" not also ensure that such contents are appropriate or lawful in other states outside Italy. If the user recognize the above case studies please do not access the website www.antoniomarras.com: if the user decide to use the services offered will be exclusive action under its responsibility and free choice.
"Antonio Marras Srl" and "Sugo Snc" can not guarantee that the website www.antoniomarras.com operate continuously, without interruption, error-free system, it is unavoidable for the dynamic nature of the Internet and the required correlation with companies telecommunications and abroad. We try to do our best to ensure service continuity and we installed the site on secure and technologic servers.

10. Mandatory requirements of the client users

Registration on our website www.antoniomarras.com is free, but to place orders on www.antoniomarras.com customers must meet all the following mandatory requirements:

Being a "End-user" as defined in “Sale Conditions”
Have a minimum age of 18 years
Owning and provide a valid e-mail address
Be eligible to enter into legally binding contracts
To be the owner of a valid Visa or MasterCard credit card for payments, or a verified PayPal account or a bank account.
www.antoniomarras.com reserves the right to refuse any request for your purchase. Each time the order is accepted, the system will send the customer an email notification.

11. Trade policy e mission

"Sugo Snc di Federico Sacchi and Cristian Antolini" has designed, programmed and published the site www.antoniomarras.com in the name and on behalf of "Antonio Marras Srl": the aim is to offer a service exclusively to "Antonio Marras Srl" and its customers.
Items for sale on the site www.antoniomarras.com are intended for a "End-user": with this definition, we refer to a natural person acting on www.antoniomarras.com with purposes other than his trade, business or profession .
"Antonio Marras Srl" and "Sugo Snc" will not accept trade, buying and selling, with users that do not relate to the category of “End-user” who wish to use the purpose of your site www.antoniomarras.com. Finally, we reserve the right not to accept and process orders for goods whose use is not intended to “End-user” or do not comply with trade policies described above.

11. Applicable Law

These "Terms and Conditions" shall be governed in accordance with the laws in force in Italy. In the case of disputes between www.antoniomarras.com users and administrators in companies "Antonio Marras Srl" and "Sugo Snc", jurisdiction shall be determined by the Courts of Bologna.

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