Sales Conditions


1. Preamble

The offer and sale of products on the website are governed by what exposed above in this section and in particular from paragraph 2 "Sales contract".
Purchased products on are sold directly from "Antonio Marras Srl" (Antonio Marras), with registered office in Localit√† Sa Londra, 64 - 07041 Alghero (SS) - ITALY, registered in the “registro delle imprese di reg_impr_loc” Italian VAT (IVA) number 02063641209; payments, refunds and all monetary transactions generated from the purchases / returns are received, sent and processed by the company “Sugo Snc di Federico Sacchi e Cristian Antolini” (Sugo Snc, Sugo Juicy Solutions, Sugo Juicy Creation, Sugo Solutions, with registered office at Via F. de Andrè , 50 - 40014 Crevalcore (Bologna) Italy, registered in the “Registro delle imprese di Bologna” Italian VAT (IVA) number 03269341206, which collects in the name and on behalf of the trader “Antonio Marras Srl”: “Antonio Marras Srl” has entrusted and gives the commission to “Sugo Snc di Federico Sacchi e Cristian Antolini” to manage the website and the transactions generated by the purchase of products or their return.
For any further information you can contact via the service offered by "Sugo Snci" (Sugo Juicy Solutions, Sugo Juicy Creation, Sugo Solutions) by writing to the e-mail address "" (help and information on purchases) and "" (General information) or via the ' contact us ' link which can be found at the bottom of the page.
For any other legal information, please see the sections: “Terms and conditions”, “Privacy Policy” and “Return Policy”.
By placing an order you make an offer to purchase a product and accept "Sales contract" that is described in paragraph 2 of this page.
Keep in mind that, as indicated in the “Terms and Conditions”, more specifically in paragraph 11 "Trade policy and Mission", the seller "Antonio Marras Srl", on, offers for sale products and carries out its e-commerce activities exclusively to its users that are "End-user": with this definition we are talking about a natural person acting on for purposes unrelated to its trade, business or profession..
"Antonio Marras Srl" and "Sugo Snc" will not accept business, buying and selling, with users who are not related to the category of “End-user” who wish to use the purpose of the website Finally we reserve the right not to accept and not fulfill orders for goods whose use is not destinated to the final consumer or orders that do not comply with the trade policies described above.
The following "Sales contract" rules exclusively the offer, forwarding and acceptance of purchase orders for products sold on; therefore not include the supply of services or the sale of products found on other websites different from that are accessible, for example, through links, banners, hyperlinks, etc present on this website., and more specifically "Antonio Marras Srl" and "Sugo Snc" are not responsible for the provision of services by other websites different from” or the conclusion of e-commerce transactions between users and other people, company or agencies.
Italian is the official language in order to conclude the contract with Texts present in other languages have only addiction feature than those in Italian.

2. Sales contract

When the user (hereinafter referred to as "customer") places an order automatically accepts the introduction of point 1 “Preamble” to these “Sales Conditions” and the following “Sales contract” with "Antonio Marras Srl" (hereinafter referred to as "seller") and "Sugo Snc di Federico Sacchi and Cristian Antolini" that handles payments, refunds and all monetary transactions generated from the purchases / returns of products, both in the case where he is registered to community or that finalizes the purchase with "Checkout as a guest” later described.
The system, receiving the order, will send an e-mail: this will be only a confirmation of receipt and does not ensure the acceptance of the order. The contract will not be concluded until we will send you confirmation via e-mail that the products you ordered were sent to you. Only the goods sent at the time of shipment and listed in the final e-mail confirmation will be included in the definitive contract.
a) Mandatory requirements
In order to become a customer and then place orders on, the user claims to own the following mandatory minimum requirements:

Being a "End-user" as defined in the Preamble to the Sales Conditions
Have a minimum age of 18 years
Owning and provide a valid e-mail address
Be eligible to enter into legally binding contracts
To be the owner of a valid Visa or MasterCard credit card for payments, or a verified PayPal account or a bank account.
b) Pricing and Availability
All orders are subject to availability and confirmation of the order price: the goods for sale on are also on sale at the same time in physical stores (retail shops in Milan and Alghero cities, Italy) of "Antonio Marras Srl". It can therefore happen that the purchase of the same product could be completed simultaneously online on and in the physical store: in this case "Antonio Marras Srl" will give priority to the customer who is in the physical store and who has already directed to counter checkout. “Sugo Snc” will refund any payments already sent by the user if the order is placed in the meantime of the customer present in the physical shop. The refund will be made to the customer who have paid for the goods of through cancellation of the charge on the credit card, refunding money to the Paypal account or bank transfer according to the method of payment he has chosen. If the customer choose to pay cash on delivery order will be canceled, the customer informed and obviously no payment will be required.
In the case of lack of availability of the product the seller will promptly inform the customer concerning with the impossibility to complete the Sales Contract: in any case it will be done within thirty (30) days from the day following that on which the order is placed.
Our staff tries to ensure that all details, descriptions and prices which appear on are accurate: nevertheless it is possible that errors occur, mainly due to the creation of the database with the consequent risk of human error. If we discover an error in the price of products that the customer has ordered, he will be informed as soon as possible and will have the right to choose whether to reconfirm the order with the correct price or cancelling it. If we are not able to contact the customer, we will consider the order cancelled. If, following a change in the price, the customer decides to cancel the order after he already paid products, than he will receive a full refund.
If applicable, the price is inclusive of VAT. Delivery costs will be added separately; these additional costs are indicated clearly and are included in the "Grand total".
c) Payments accepts the following payment methods:

Credit Card
Bank transfer in advance
Cash on delivery (only for amounts less than or equal to 3000 € grand total and only for shipments in Italy)
All payments will be sent to "Sugo Snc di Federico Sacchi e Cristian Antolini" that handles on behalf of "Antonio Marras Srl" the website "Sugo Snc di Federico Sacchi e Cristian Antolini" will send the payments to the seller who will issue a Sale Document and give all the guarantees required by law.
If the customer chooses to pay by credit card, he will be re-directed to the “Setefi - Intesa San Paolo” bank website by the system: the payment will be sent directly to the “Sugo Snc di Federico Sacchi and Cristian Antolini.”
If the customer chooses to pay via Paypal circuit he will be re-directed to Paypal website from our system: the payment will be sent to the address, belonging to "Sugo Snc" and can be done through a Paypal account, or, if the user does not have one, providing only the the credit card data required.
If the customer chooses to pay by bank transfer, the IBAN (or SWIFT Code) belonging to “Sugo Snc” will be indicated in the purchase process at "5" (payment information)
In the case of cash on delivery only accepts cash (not check). The ammount will be left to the forwarder responsible for delivery: this form of payment is accepted only for amounts with "Grand total" less than or equal to 3000 €. This because, under the laws in force in Italy at the time of purchase, payment is allowed for cash only for maximum amounts of 3000 €. If the customer buys goods for more than 3000 € will be impossible and forbidden to accept payment on delivery.
d) Purchasing procedure
To finalize the Sales contract for one or more of the products on, the customer must complete the order form in electronic format and transmit it to the seller, via computer, following the instructions as follow:

Choose your product and click on "add to cart". The cart is a virtual location for the registered user (or generic customer) that stores items previously selected and ready to be paid. Adding items to the cart does not guarantee to complete the purchase. Items in your cart will remain at the disposal of other users simultaneously online and customers present in the physical store up when one of them finishes the operation of purchasing procedure.
The customer can add items to your cart and find them at the opening of the next session of the browser thanks to the "cookies" (for information about cookies, please consult our Privacy Policy & Cookies), but this does not guarantee their actual availability: when the customer will proceed with payment or when he will come back on his cart, then he will receive a warning if some items have been sold in the meantime.
When the product selection is complete, the customer must examine the shopping cart for a summary and control: to enter on it the customer must click on the link "my cart" displayed at the top right of any page or by clicking on the link showing the preview of the cart with selected items displayed on the left column of any page.
If the user is logged into its account as Italian or European (EU) then the cart always indicates the total amount payable including VAT. If he is a foreign non taxable customer then the amount will be without VAT. Please remember that only sales to customers who are part of the category "End-user", so the exposure of Italian VAT is just information and it can be separated, where possible, to foreign customers. If the customer purchases as an unregistered guest and he adds products to cart, then the value of "Grand total" will be updated with/without VAT when he will define the destination.
If the goods in the basket is actually the one desired as the customer's control, he will click to the link "Proceed to Checkout" displayed at the bottom of the cart or "Chekout" displayed in the top right of any page. The word "Checkout" represents and is virtually the cash counter of the e-shop
If the customer has not yet logged in as a registered user can now choose to complete the purchase in three ways: as guest, registering at the site becoming a registered user or logging into your account. In the first case the customer will still provide some mandatory data required to manage the order as, but not limited to, billing address, shipping address and e-mail contact..
The Checkout is divided into six steps: selecting the method of Checkout, billing information, shipping information, shipping method, payment information, order review. In the shipping method the customer chooses how they prefer to receive the order; in the payment information he chooses the payment method and obtain the necessary information to send the payment for the order.
In the sixth point of the Checkout the order will be summarized and the customer will see the cost of the goods ordered, the possible cost of shipping and taxes where applicable: clicking on "place order" the customer will complete the purchase process on and accept this Sales contract.
Before purchasing products and finish the purchase process in the review of the order, the customer must declare to have read and accepted the terms and conditions illustrated here, the Privacy Policy and the Return Policy: without this confirmation through the mark (check) of the box your order will not be considered.

3. Warranty

The products sold on are guaranteed by "Antonio Marras Srl" that exercises retail in their physical stores or online through Only luxury brand and top quality products are offered for sale. The Seller has purchased these products directly from the manufacturers of fashion brands, retailers and official distributors, carefully selected according to the standards of the highest level of quality demanded by "Antonio Marras Srl".
"Antonio Marras Srl" is an official dealer of all brands sold on the site

The Seller sells quality products that match market standards, do not sell used products, irregular or vintage. However, the clothing and fashion accessories is constantly evolving and offers treatments on objects: this may be inconsistent with the quality according to the terms of the judgment of the customer, which is why will take care of specify conditions in the description of each product . We kindly ask to the customer to take more vision of the product description and ask for further information on the ad, or if the images should create doubts we again invite the customer to contact our customer service "" for any information.
The images and the colors of the products sold on may not exactly correspond to the real ones due to the Internet browser or monitor used: disclaims any responsibility about the possibility that, due to a particular configuration or malfunction of computer, browser or screen used by the customer, the colors of the products shown on the site appear to be slightly different than the real ones. offers a return policy as defined by the Italian law: for the return policy conditions we kindly ask to the customer to read the Information on “Return Policy” page.

4. Discount coupon codes can offer codes, "Discount Coupon Code" or "Voucher," to account holders or users who are registering to the wesite community, these codes may only be applied to purchases made through the account for which a discount code is offered and registered, so they are personal and not transferable.
The codes can have various origins and are generated without prior notice, also will always be communicated to the concerned individual.

Codes are not cumulable. You can only use one per order
The use of a code could be done with a maximum spending limit: it will be indicated if it is fixed
Some brands may be excluded from certain promotions
A code can not be applied to orders already processed (placed and sent to our system)
If the customer is in possession of a code will have to write it in the space that appears in step "6" of the checkout process ("Order review") named "Discount Codes" and then click "Apply Coupon": the total amount of the charge will be updated automatically.
Codes can be discounts, promotions or initiatives that can be applied in different ways: for example, a discount defined in a precise and indicated monetary value or a discount defined in a percentage on the purchase amount. The code in monetary value can not in any way be converted to money to be sent to the customer: it will always be an applicable discount on the purchase; also it will apply only to products whose sale value exceed at least € 10 the value of the code.
Conditions of use governing codes discount coupon will be specified at the time of their issue.

5. Gift Voucher codes

The customer may purchase a code corresponding to a "Gift".
Through this procedure, identical to that for the purchase of a branded product, he will buy a code that will then be sent to a person known by the purchaser. The sending of the code can be made via e-mail or hard copy. The code will be tied to a monetary value and set at a limit defined by the buyer at the time of purchase: the recipient of a "gift" will receive this code and will apply it as the “Discount Coupon codes” during the purchase.
The code is not divisible and it applies to purchases generating totals greater than or equal to the value of the code itself: that is, if it is the value of € 100, your gift recipient can apply only for one purchase that, added any delivery charges and taxes, will give a total amount equal to or greater than € 100. It will not be possible for example to apply to a purchase of € 50.
Gift Vouchers have a duration of 12 months starting from the date of purchase.
We can not accept any responsibility for stolen or deleted gift vouchers.
We will ship or send by e-mail the gift voucher as soon as payment is confirmed or on the delivery date that you specify (if later): we can not take any responsibility for any delay in delivery
The buyer is the only responsible for what is indicated as e-mail or delivery address where we have to send the gift voucher. We can not take any responsibility if a gift voucher is used by someone other than the recipient, if the e-mail or delivery address entered is incorrect. In addition, we can not take responsibility for any gift vouchers lost or used by someone other than the recipient after they are sent. Make sure that the recipient received the gift voucher, as it is his responsibility to keep information secure the good.
The common e-mail services may block the vouchers sent by e-mail with spam filters: the recipient should check these filters. We can not take any responsibility if a gift certificate is not delivered to the e-mail address of the recipient due to spam filters, firewalls, the capacity of the recipient's mailbox or any other factors beyond our control.
Conditions of use governing codes gift voucher will be specified at the time of their issue.

6. Shipping and delivery of products, duties ships its products, where possible, with the reliable service offered by UPS Express Courier: when you use this carrier all shipments, in Italy and in the world, are traceable. The UPS tracking number will be provided to the customer at the time of shipping, so that he can follow the progress of your shipment.
If the use of UPS is not possible we can send by National Post (Poste Italiane) giving the buyer a tracking number, but this does not ensure traceability: it could be the case of Russia, which will have the costs given for the non European destinations (not EU) but will always be sent by Post, with times ranging between 20 and 30 working days. We invite customers to contact us for any further information on delivery times.
Finally, in the case where will receive orders to be delivered in areas not served by regular shipping services, we may reserve the right to cancel the order and refund the value to the purchaser, without penalty.
Shipping times may change according to availability and any estimates relating to delivery times are approximate and limited to Italian territory.
Shipments are always and only after receipt of payment by "Sugo Snc di Federico Sacchi e Cristian Antolini": we specify that in case of payment by bank transfer you will wait for the actual crediting in Italian currency on account of "Sugo Snc": sending a bank transfer receipt does not constitute proof of receipt of payment. Orders will be processed as soon as possible: the delivery time depends on the hour of receipt of the order. For orders for which payments are received on weekends they will be processed with shipment from Monday morning next, for those whose payments are received on a holiday, the shipment will be processed from the first working day thereafter.
The exceptions are summer closures or holidays such as Christmas, in which case a banner (warning) shown in the homepage of will inform you of delays or estimated delivery times which are different from those shown here. uses three types of UPS service:
a) Italy and Europe: Standard Service, delivery within 3-4 working days from shipment
b) Italy: Express*Service, delivery within 1-2 working days from shipment
c) Rest of the World: Express Saver Service, variables delivery times, available to more than 215 countries and territories.
* Delivery to Basilicata, Campania, Calabria, Puglia regions and Italina Islandsmay take an additional day.
Here is a summary of simple reading of shipping costs:

- Destinations in Italy: Standard Service costs € 10 and it is free for orders which have a total, excluding shipping costs, equal to or greater than € 100, the Express service is always a fee and will be charged 20 € per order.
- Destinations in Europe, in countries which are part of the EU: the Standard service is DDP (Delivery Duty Paid), it will cost € 20 and is free for orders with a total, excluding shipping costs, equal or greater than € 200.
- Destinations in Europe, in countries outside the EU: the Standard service is DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) it will cost € 35 and is free for orders with a total, excluding shipping costs, equal to or greater than € 500. Custom fees, import duties and local taxes are included in product price.
- Destinations in the rest of the world: the Express Saver Service is DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) it will cost € 50 and is free for orders with a total, excluding shipping costs, equal or greater than € 500.
Custom fees, import duties and local taxes are included in product price.

UPS courier deliveries from Monday to Friday during office hours. In the case in which the first delivery should not be withdrawn for the absence of the recipient 2 more delivery attempts will be made in the following days (for a total of 3 delivery attempts). After the third attempt, the order will be returned to our warehouse. The Express service request will be taken over only to orders placed before 12.30 am: for requests received after that time the 24/48 hours will be worth from the day following the order.
Clients who live in countries that are not part of the European Union (EU) are exempt from Italian VAT and do not receive the charge of it. At present, countries that are part of the European Union are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden.
All shipments are accompanied by an official Sale Document and waybill stating the value of individual items in Euro (€): it is inserted into the box. The Sale Document shows the discounted amounts for outlet items.
When the customer receives the goods, please carefully check the package before affixing a signature proof of delivery of the shipment. In the event that any item is damaged or if the tape was tampered with, the customer is asked to sign the receipt “provision” or to refuse delivery. In case the shipment is accepted with a unauthorized signature or in case in wich are found evidence of tampering of the box, the customer should immediately report the incident to the local office of competence of the courier and contact us by sending an e-mail at

7. Acceptance of Sales Conditions

By submitting the order form, the customer confirms that he has read and accepted these Sales Conditions, the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookies and the Return Policy may change these Sales Conditions at any time: we will send an e-mail to users to inform them when this happens, but we encourage all customers to read this section periodically to check for changes.

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