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Having breakfast on the terrace of Palazzo Venier dei Leoni on a day of May with a warm sun that persistently shines on you despite your straw hat, what could be more exciting?
Sunglasses cannot soften the colors and profile of a familiar landscape you have so often admired - the view always offers new angles, new perspectives, new wonders.
Venice is always different, and more beautiful each time... Stendhal syndrome captures you.
At Peggy’s, you always feel at ease, you can meet artists, filmmakers, designers, writers and poets.
At Peggy’s, people laugh and discuss, read and gossip, organize exhibitions and thow parties.
At Peggy’s, you can take a walk through the garden where that “scandalous” statue is still visible…but it’s fun to “shock” the self-righteous!
Visiting this house is always an experience, even when entering the bedroom and admiring the headboard, it screams: “Peggy!”
Her adorable dogs Gypsy, Cillida, Sir Herbert and Hong Kong which roam everywhere - they are the real hosts!
And that indispensable everyday tradition of sailing a gondola in the lagoon, with the enchanting sun setting over the sea.
We always arrive well-dressed at Peggy’s: once a famous actor wanted to come to her party, but his outfit was too casual and he was not allowed in by the servants!
And so it is better to be overdressed and perhaps with a bit eccentric, personal, timeless style - without restraints from the latest trends but never boring!
We mix the fabrics and the prints and colors and patterns: silk, cady, crêpe, stretch, linen, satin, Prince of Wales and cherry red, anise, black and white croquet cotton meet one another and intertwine. Lime yellow and pink in crisp fabrics are embroidered with stones. Of course there are blue and white polka dots, stripes and denim, and a mix of cherry red, lobster-pink and geranium shades with black tassels.
We like the new silhouettes with foulard-hems, asymmetrical drapes and folds. We play with loose lines held on one side, and pair rugged jackets with rigorous and masculine elements together with extremely feminine skirts. And why not have a t-shirts with a print of the Venice lagoon, or camellia flowers with a Calder mobile structure?
And knits, many knits because in Venice the evenings are cool: striped knits, loose volumes with fabric patchworks. Transparencies, veils, flocked tulle inserts, multicolor stripes, lace and pleats on patch.
It feels good to be at Peggy’s dressed up like this and this terrace is so beautiful…unique and magical!

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