What’s a nice girl from Beverly Hills doing walking around Venice Beach with all those rough skaters?
With her little dog Pierivo in her arms as her only company, she doesn’t care what anyone thinks, she goes straight on her way.
Though she has been scolded: Don’t go down to the boardwalk. Not in that area.
You know, I don’t like you around all those strange people. You aren’t that sort of girl. It’s dangerous, especially at night.
But she’s obsessed. She says that she doesn’t like being at home, she doesn’t have real friends, everyone just spends time in the pool chatting about celebrities, clothes, boyfriends, and wild parties.
She says that all of the other girls are snobbish and they dress all alike according to what is trendy. They have no character, no one there thinks for oneself, and everyone just cares about appearances.
She prefers to dress up how she wants.
She loves colors: neon yellow lime, shocking pink, Yves Klein blue, acid green, white and black used geometrically. She pairs flowers with checks and stripes. Roses everywhere: scattered, bouquets, hidden by stripes, photographic, pictorial or stylized and retro.
She layers, mixes shapes and volumes, with long maxi dresses, loose jogging pants, tunics with cutouts, overalls, tiny sweaters, baby-doll dresses and sheath stretch dresses.
She thinks to herself: You want a real life. You want to stay with the skaters, the free ones who love the thrill of flying. You want to stop for hours to watch them do tricks - jumps, wheelies, ollies, heelflips, kickflips and pop shove its - airborne moves where where gravity does not seem to exist anymore.
You seem to be in a kind of earthly paradise where everything can be done. The skaters don’t need anything, the board is their best friend, it can never betray them. It’s like your Pierivo, always faithful.
She is fascinated by the stories they tell, about the famous summer when they started skating in swimming pools of rich people, drained by drought and finally she realizes that anything can happen and the dream of flying has come true.