Sponza Frise




The Bianconero Collection is a series of one-of-a-kind pieces that Antonio Marras ideated and created in Puglia, in the historic manufactory Fratelli Colì.
The collection comprises maiolica vases, plates, bowls, trays that have been hand-crafted and painted one by one, resulting in a family of artefacts that are unique in their shapes and designs.
“Sponza Frise” is a beautiful decorative piece to display or use. This is a particular object, typical for Puglia’s culture, which has a tray on the top covering half of the dish. This is where the friselle (local bread) is put after being soaked in water and then seasoned with oil and vegetables.
Antonio Marras has reinterpreted the dish and decorated it with face-motifs, emblematic for his style.
Made of white-glazed maiolica. It is round-shaped with diameter: 21 cm and height 7 cm.
It can contain water and it is adapt for alimentary use. It is suggested to wash it by hand with water and soap.

Ulteriori informazioni

Ulteriori informazioni

Composizione 100% Maiolica
stagione 20CA
Collezione N/A
250,00 €
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